We Fix Windows, Doors and Patio Doors!

AccuVersal Window Services has been repairing windows of all kinds for over 20 years. 

Our Residential Window and Door Repair staff can restore your windows to their original operating condition.  We are often able to improve the window function and weather proofing of older windows to surpass their original specifications.

We can repair all brands and types of windows made of Wood, Vinyl, Fiberglass or Aluminum and through our associated company, Defogger’s Thermal-Glass Restorations, we can get the fog out of failed glass units which have accumulated moisture between the panes of sealed glass units.

We Make Old Windows Work Like New!

We Repair Windows That Do Not Open and Close Properly

If your windows do not operate as they did when they were new we can restore them to new-from-the-factory condition.  Our skilled craftspeople give personalized attention to each and every window that they work on, adjusting and refitting as required until the window works at least as well as it did when it was new.  If parts are worn or weather-strip needs repair, our technicians have access to hundreds of original parts, but replace them only as required.

We are experts at fixing windows and doors.  We have been in business for over 20 years and have countless satisfied customers.

We Supply and Install New Parts

We stock most common window parts and have access to hundreds more from our suppliers.  All our parts are Original Equipment -- the same parts that were used in the manufacture of the windows that we service.

We Supply and Install:

  • Window Hardware:  including cranks, levers, hinges, locks, rollers and sash balances.
  • Weather-stripping of all kinds for windows, doors and patio doors.
  • Window Components such as Sash Rail, Sills, Glass Stops, etc.
  • Plus many, many more parts and pieces to windows and doors of all vintages and manufacturers.

Just a Few of the Many Parts That We Have in Stock


We Restore Rotted Wood Windows and Patio Doors

We restore windows that have rotted wood parts.  Depending on the situation we either replace the rotted wood with custom made replacement parts or we use an epoxy injection system to kill the rot and make the windows as good as new.

Our Rotted Wood Repairs are cost effective and they work.  Don’t buy new windows without first getting a quotation on repairs!  Even very rotted windows are far less expensive to repair than the cost of new replacement windows.  (Our estimates are free!)

We Custom Make Wood Storm Windows and Screens to Match Older, Vintage Windows

If you have beautiful older windows that originally had matching storm windows and screens which have disappeared or been replaced with ugly metal storm windows, we can custom make new wooden storm windows and screens that will match your home’s existing windows and return the look of your house to vintage architectural glory.  The cost is reasonable and the results are outstanding.

If your older windows need fixing up and rebalancing we can do that too, plus we are able to retrofit modern weather stripping systems to improve comfort and efficiency.  Even windows that are a hundred or more years old can be made to work extremely well and be very weather-tight.


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