Our foggy window repair service is offered through our allied company: Defogger’s Thermal-Glass Restorations.  For full details about the defogging process please visit the Defogger’s website:  www.defoggers.ca .  There you can watch a video demo of the restoration process and read full explanations about why glass units fog up and how we restore them.  For just a brief outline, see below:

  • Our defogging process removes moisture from between the panes of insulating glass.
  • Where it once was foggy -- It will be dry!
  • Our repair method has dried the air space in thousands of thermal-glass units and kept them dry for years.
  • Saves Money!  Our restoration process is much less expensive than the replacement of the sealed glass unit.
  • Better for the environment!  Keeps all those old sealed units out of landfills.  Saves the resources used to make new ones.
  • Thermal ‘R’ value of the insulating glass unit is restored.
  • We restore thermal-glass units in all types of windows:
    Residential, Commercial, Institutional -- Wood, Metal, Vinyl
  • Our Defogger’s restoration process solves the problem of foggy windows and we provide a 20 year transferable warranty!
  • Defogger’s Thermal-Glass Restorations provides the affordable alternative to having to buy new sealed insulating glass units. If you have windows that are fogged up between the panes of glass.... save money.... we can fix them!
  • Defogger’s Thermal-Glass Restorations is a service of AccuVersal Window Services Inc.

 For full and detailed information about our Insulating Glass Unit Restoration Services, Please visit our Defogger’s Thermal-Glass Restorations website.

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